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Quotes Efficient , impeccable follow-up, friendly and quick to solve any issues big and small (fast turnaround rate) never interrupt my schedule, make sure to call at convenient times. I have been at AFP since March 2012 and biggest benefit is the ease to call up and have a question answered/solve at a speedy turn-around rate! I do not have to remind myself to follow-up with you, ICT does it for me. Which is nice because I constantly have to stay on top of other vendors that do not follow-up. Thank you! It iss nice that you guys learn when my day can be busier. Always call at convenient times or follow-up if I was out/unavailable. Quotes
Megan Maconachy
Advantage Fitness Products

Quotes ICT professionals treat their customers with courtesy and dignity. They are always a pleasure to work with and I always know our problems will be solved once our call is placed. Quotes
Melissa Simon
Twining, Inc.

Quotes When your bridge support team is involved they do an excellent job of delivering full/final solutions. Quotes
Talin Astourian
Twining, Inc.

Quotes This morning was a great example as our server went offline and before I even realized it ICT had resolved the issue and we were back up and running in no time. I like the fact that ICT is very proactive and get things resolved in a timely manner. Also they provide very good follow-up to ensure everything is running smoothly. Everyone is always very friendly as well which is great! Quotes
Shanelle Abtey
Twining, Inc.

Quotes The fact that several issues can be taken care of remotely so I do not have to be out of my office while the issues is being dealt with. It also means I do not have to stay late in come in early to wait for assistance. One time our system went down and someone came out in the morning before we even knew we had a problem; we had just opened for the day. Quotes
Kathi Brown
Berg Insurance

Quotes Since I have begun to talk to you all, I know that if there is any question I have, no matter how trivial, someone will answer knowledgently and quickly. We have so many locations and so many computer issues I am grateful I do not have to worry about I.T. problems. You all have great follow through! There have been at least 2 times that I have totally dropped the ball and forgotten to follow up with some computer purchase for our sites and you guys always remember and follow up with me and remind me about what it is we need to do. Quotes
Renee Tulve
Platinum Storage

Quotes We are a small business and Doug and I really have no time to deal with computer issues and (nor do we have the know-how). It is wonderful to know that we can trust ICT to take care of us. Quotes
Jackie Kahler
Sonic Systems

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